Local anesthesia without a needle is already in dentistry!
Anesthesia faster and more efficiently than usual, with fewer anesthetic!

Injections with Injex 30, subject to better and faster than an injection syringe.

Analgesic effect occurs almost immediately after the administration of the anesthetic, so to start treatment can often be in the first minute of anesthesia. This requires a smaller number of anesthetic!

You or your patients are afraid of needles? Today it is not scary and it does not hurt!

The unit "Injex" - the best solution to overcome the fear of both children and adults!

Injector INJEX: the principle of operation

The principle of the injector "Injex" is based on the technology of Needle Free drug administration. With the energy of mechanical action, and a special spring plunger in the injector allow the pressure to quickly but gently push a stream of medication through a microscopic hole in the gum tissue without needles and without pain.

In Injex, the required number of vials of anesthesia, then it is inserted into the injector, and the vial Inzheks-worn custom, sterile, silicone tip "Silitop" that allows the patient does not feel the painful pressure on the gums. Then, the dentist should be well pressed Inzheks hole-injection vial to a place at an angle of 90 degrees and press the trigger.

Soon we will provide on our web site a list of clinics where patients can benefit from painless injection Injex.